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VLAN Configuration for Broadcom NICs in Windows 2008 Server Core & Hyper-V Server

  • Make sure you’re using Broadcom drivers for your NICs and not Microsoft built-in drivers
  • Fire up “sconfig” on the server and pick option “8” for networking setup
  • Check the index # for the NIC to be configured for VLAN

  • Exit sconfig and cd “\Program Files\Broadcom\BACS”
  • Launch “BACScli.exe”

  • In this case, the NIC was 0 so run “select 0” and “showsel” to verify

  • “cfg Advanced “VLAN ID”=“80”“ will put it on VLAN 80

  • And you can see that the trunk port now has MAC addresses and VLAN membership for this and the iDRAC interface