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Ppa Madness

Upgrading one of my laptops to Saucy was easy and has so far been very pleasant and mostly stable. Unfortunately there are some things that I like that haven’t been updated or patched the way I like them (at least not yet):

  • Indicator Workspaces is a handy app indicator to signal which desktop you’re on (I use a 3x3 grid so reminding me which one I’m on is handy for navigation).
  • NotifyOSD is the daemon used in Ubuntu and others to display “toaster” style notifications from applications and events. They look great, but I can’t stand that there is no way to dismiss a notification and that hovering the mouse simply makes them fade in and out. Fortunately, a patch has been written to correct this behaviour.
  • NotifyOSD Configuration is a tool that allows for easy configuration of NotifyOSD.
  • TLP is a daemon that responds to various power events and adjusts system performance accordingly. While Ubuntu does this out of the box and has a sophisticated framework for configuration, TLP simplifies power management with a set of sane defaults and an easily readable configuration file.

Fortunately, this is Free software and I can patch ‘em, package ‘em, and ppa ‘em however I want:


add-apt-repository ppa:ihashacks/forwardports
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade